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Jamespot - TV Display
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TV Display


Broadcast your messages elegantly and powerfully on your TV screens.

About TV Display

Today's communicators are all of the same opinion: to succeed in your internal communication strategy, you need to define your objectives, allocate the right resources and use the right media..


At Jamespot, the question of media is at the heart of our concerns.


Already available on desktop and mobile, Jamespot is now displayed on your TV screens thanks to the TV Display application ?


Elegant and powerful messages on all your TV screens


The TV Display application allows you to automatically and simply broadcast the latest publications of a Jamespot group in a template designed for television ?.


The principle is simple:


  • You select a group
  • You choose the number of articles and comments to display
  • You define how long your articles are displayed
  • And you import a beautiful background

In less than 5 minutes, you will have a powerful new internal communication medium and your employees will no longer miss out on essential information ?.



  • Select a broadcast group
  • Choose the number of articles and comments to display
  • Define how long your articles are displayed
  • Import a beautiful background


? The published price applies only to platforms with up to 500 users. Beyond 500 users, contact us ?