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Jamespot - Smart Place
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Smart Place


Create your own portal pages and boost the flow of information using the Hub application

About Smart Place

Discover the Hub, the first application that breaks the codes of the intranet !


Enhance information sharing within your organisation by easily creating portal pages, called desks, with specific applications and widgets.



Portal pages for the whole company


Thanks to its comprehensive menu and ease of use, the Hub application lets you create as many portal pages as you need, defining the audience and access restrictions yourself.


Standardize your internal communications by editing a single access page accessible by all your employees, while giving the business units the freedom and pleasure of creating desks for their own teams.



An application for all employees


Involve your staff in the hub and let their creativity flow !


Easy to use, the Hub turns each of your employees into a new source of creativity by allowing them to create their own personal pages.


A user-friendly application accessible to your entire organisation, so your internal communications are stronger than ever.



  • Create an infinite number of portal pages with their own applications and widgets.
  • Connect your Hub with the Jamespot applications of your choice to extend your uses even further.
  • Synchronize your Jamespot corporate social network widgets with Hub widgets.
  • Organize the hierarchy of your pages in a 3-level menu: corporate, team and individual.