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About YesWeShare

YesWeShare designs and develops thematic chatbots on occupational health prevention and diversity inclusion.

With the YesWeShare application for Jamespot, offer your employees QWL programs composed of sophrology exercises, stretching, self-massage, but also a multitude of tips around daily well-being.


Take care of your employees :


With the generalization of telecommuting, taking care of yourself and your employees from a distance has become a necessity.

The YesWeShare for Jamespot application is the one you need to help you achieve this goal. YesWeShare for Jamespot is a 360° QWL program delivered in a conversational / interactive mode through a chatbot that can be customized according to your needs.



Boost your team with YesWeShare's exercises and tips


Combine telecommuting and well-being in the present!


For a period of time determined by you, YesWeShare for Jamespot will offer your employees a set of rich content and practical exercises dedicated to well-being while telecommuting.
Sophrology, stretching, self-massage, eye gym, nutrition, motivational coaching, work/life organization... Here is a brief overview of the topics covered by our experts (sophrologists, osteopaths, etc.) during the programs offered by the application.

Help your employees to combine telework and well-being over the long term.



Relaxation, sophrology, posture, are some of the topics addressed


Features :


The launch of a QWL program to anonymize the responses

✨ The choice of themes addressed during the program
✨ Access to the history of exercises and advice provided


By Guillaume POUMADÉ

By Guillaume POUMADÉ

Marketing and communications manager - Jamespot

The program offered by the YesWeShare app for Jamespot is very comprehensive and addresses the whole issue of wellness. The mix of exercises and advice is perfect. My YesWeShare break is my daily wellness bubble.