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Simply access business information by asking your Bot your questions.

About Bot

In the trend of immediate interaction expected by end-users with new applications, Bots make it very simple and intuitive for instant messaging systems to converse with the system in natural language.


With the Computer Bot application, Jamespot offers you its vision of the Bot, allowing you simplified access to business information.


Simplify your access to information


The specificity of the Computer Bot is to use the power of Jamespot in terms of capitalization so that the robot learns to better respond to requests from questions and answers already formulated by humans.


The Bot thus becomes an ideal companion in the organization to simplify access to business information.


Continuous learning to answer all requests

The Bot answers your users' questions by tapping into the company's knowledge.


And it grows richer as new questions are asked and answered.


Dialogues are provided for example to obtain statistics or urgent information.



  • Educate your Bot so that it learns to better respond to requests.
  • Access the history of exchanges between users and the Bot.
  • Ask your Bot for the statistics of your platform, it will give you the answers in real time.




President of Jamespot

Our clients have a very extensive question and answer base on business issues. The Bot then becomes an accelerator of the passage of critical information in the company.