Jamespot Store

HTML5 mobile application


Reach your platform Jamespot from your Smartphone and collaborate in all mobility.


Take along your enterprise social network Jamespot with you, wherever you go! Rich in features and developed in HTML5, the mobile application of Jamespot is compatible with all the operating systems available on the market (iOS, Androïd, Windows, Blackberry BONE, etc.).


An ergonomic interface in the service of the users


Particularly ergonomic, the interface of the mobile application guarantees a fast adoption by the users. Each user can reach in real time all posted information about the platform (articles, documents, calendars, etc.). 


Every collaborator can also post an information directly from his smartphone.

A free access to business applications


Centered on your productivity, the mobile HTML5 application allows you to reach all the business applications developed by Jamespot.


Hence, you can ask a question, announce an event, publish a task, consult the FAQ, reach the directory, send an e-mail, to any mobility. 


By means of your mobile application your platform is 100% available wherever whom you are. Take advantage of it!



  • Consult all the posted information on the platform. Find all posts and comments, comment and like contents, accept meeting directly on your feed.
  • Find all your business applications. Consult your tasks, confirm your participation in the events, answer the questions of the network, etc.
  • Find any published information about the network by means of the search engine.