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Izeeconf for Jamespot


Collaborate more efficiently in real time!

About Izeeconf for Jamespot

Are you a fan of real-time communication and instantaneous exchanges? The Izeeconf for Jamespot module is made for you!



Izeeconf: collaborate in real time with your teams


Izeeconf is a web conferencing solution powered by Apizee. The solution allows to create in a few clicks a private and secure virtual meeting room, with all the necessary applications to hold meetings.



Izeeconf for Jamespot 


With Izeeconf for Jamespot, open a virtual meeting room directly from your Jamespot platform instant messaging.  



  • Create a private and secure online meeting room.
  • Invite up to 12 participants: your colleagues, but also your partners, your customers, your prospects, etc... Izeeconf is not limited only to the members of your Jamespot platform.
  • Share your documents and your screen without moderation.
  • Test your throughput.