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Co-editing with LibreOffice


Work on a document together and at the same time with LibreOffice


The LibreOffice Online Editing application allows you to work on a document with several people and at the same time directly on your Jamespot platform.


It is the ideal application to escape the hell of multiple versions of a document and especially to avoid long exchanges by email.


How does it work?


The principle of the LibreOffice Online Editing application is extremely simple:

  • A user imports a first version of a document on Jamespot (e.g. Word, Excel or PowerPoint).
  • The document is then stored on Jamespot within the group's document bank.
  • Members of the group with editing rights can go and edit the document directly online (while staying on Jamespot) thanks to our LibreOffice integration.
  • Everyone can in parallel see the modifications made by the others.
  • The document is automatically saved on Jamespot as it is edited.

This is a huge time saver for you and your users. In addition, you will have a reference document that can be updated over time.


Take the plunge into online editing with Jamespot and LibreOffice.



  • Online editing of a document (text, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.)
  • Automatic saving of the document


By Guillaume POUMADÉ
Communications and marketing manager at Jamespot

As a communication manager, I work on documents with my team on a daily basis. With online editing, everyone contributes without the constraints of versioning! Saving time on a daily basis 🚀