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Jamespot - Proxem for Jamespot
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Proxem for Jamespot

Take advantage of your platform's untapped data to aggregate it and detect weak signals.

About Proxem for Jamespot

Transform your text data into fast decision making with the Proxem for Jamespot connector. The application allows you to easily get a comprehensive view of your Jamespot platform to identify risks and opportunities at low signal levels.



Proxem Software: pioneer in semantic analysis of textual data


Proxem Software is a software suite in SaaS mode dedicated to the collection and analysis of textual data, which can process millions of pieces of data (articles, documents, etc.) to extract actionable information.


Proxem for Jamespot


Jamespot and Proxem Software started from the premise that there is untapped value in the data delivered over the corporate social network that can improve productivity, profitability and reduce costs.


The Proxem for Jamespot application was born out of this realization.


The semantic analysis proposed by Proxem makes it possible to synthesize the textual content of your Jamespot platform in order to detect strategic information.



  • Get an overview of your Jamespot platform. Semantic analysis allows you to synthesize millions of pieces of content that, when put together, make sense.
  • Identify risks and opportunities and convert them into action plans.
  • Automatically suggest relevant content to a user.




CTO at Jamespot

In a world where the volume of data is increasing exponentially, Proxem's semantic analysis allows you to regain control of the information you need.