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Smart Pages


Create graphic intranet pages for your organization.

About Smart Pages

Discover Smart Pages, the first editor of intranet pages. Smart Pages allows you to create simply and quickly intranet pages - called pages - endowed with an irreproachable design.


Arouse the interest with the design 


Due to its features and its display on one page, Smart Pages emphasizes the display of the contents and gives a quite particular place to the image. So, the text is emphasized and gets to the point. 


Focus on the main part

Smart Pages proposes about ten predefined templates which allow you to create right-hand intranet pages. Do not care about the shape, focus on messages to deliver.


Bound audiences


As for many more Jamespot applications, define the audience of your Smart Pages. So, the communication can publish visible Pages by all the collaborators, whereas the businesses will have the possibility to  access pages by the members of a team.


Jamespot also offers you the possibility of making public or several Smart Pages. These will have their own url and will be accessible on Web to the external people to your organization.


  • Create all private and public Smart Pages you need. 
  • Organize the browsing between pages by means of the main menu and its secondary submenus. 
  • Adapt about ten of templates available on your tastes and your needs.