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Launch secure and flexible videoconference meetings with the whole team

About Visio Jamespot


Videoconferencing has become an essential means of collaborating effectively with your team when working remotely (e.g. teleworking, remote working, multi-site working, etc.).


One-to-one meetings, team meetings, webinars, relaxation breaks, etc. are all possible.  It's precisely because videoconferencing is a central element in your daily life. That's why Jamespot has decided to launch a new video application. 



How does it work?


Start a videoconference

From your messenger or directly from your activity stream, launch a videoconference and add the url of your preferred system.

Enjoy your video conference in complete freedom

Your videoconference is launched. The URL is saved so you can access it more quickly in the future.


No limit to the number of users

All users can create visios and all users can be invited.

From the messenger or directly from the activity stream, it is possible to launch a videoconference and add the url of your preferred system.



✨ Allow you to use a video conferencing system natively integrated on Jamespot... 

✨ Allow you to use your own video conferencing rooms directly on your Jamespot platform.

✨ Enable you to create or recreate links with your teams in a fun way.